Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook messenger platform

So, Facebook is rolling out a new platform – messenger platform. You can build intelligent auto responds – bots. Those bots can help you out with a quick or a long one answers, invoices, reminders, images, and much more…

Facebook messenger bot application

While I was playing with a new Facebook API I decided to build some sort of application which will let you to dynamically build your own bots. I decided to use Laravel as my base code.

An application is released as a standalone app which can run on any web server with a HTTPS support (required by a Facebook to accept incoming messages). With this app, you can build your bots for multiple pages (yes – one Facebook APP – multiple managed pages). It allows you to build responds for incoming messages with a built-in GUI editor (will be improved over next few weeks). This application can be used to build a SaaS, can be the base platform for your custom facebook messenger bot, or can be a fun toy to play with. But it is paid (15 USD – few cups of tea :)) and can be found on CodeCanyon, by purchasing this you will support further development of an application.

Want to build a custom application out of it? Contact me and we can have a talk :)

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